Adnow – Best Google Adsense alternatives 2016

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“Your Google Adsense account has been disabled , don’t be approved or temporarily banned”.

what is an alternative to adsense?

Don’t worry.  Adnow – Best Google Adsense alternatives . Here a of the best Google Adsense Alternatives you can try to monetize your website without using Google Adsense

My latest payment proof from Adnow. You guys can check how much money I already earn from them. Almost 3000USD. If they really want to scam me, they already do it. But I still get my payment until today.



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The raw numbers at AdNow are certainly nothing to scoff about. 1,700+ advertisers in 107 countries around the world and 150,000+ publishers 

For Advertising Adnow you can use to replace Google Adsense ads are effective, Advertising Adnow but unprofessional and price per ad click in GA but not ads Adnow it attractive user clicks more, click rate from 1000 view = 50 clicks or more.

Some other features of the network include:

  • Weekly payout starting with $20 and paid via Paypal or Wire
  • No code conflicts with other ad systems
  • Good customization for ad widgets
  • 5% referral program, earn more with your community!
  • All ads are pre-moderated and go through a process of safety check
  • Personal account manager with local language support
  • Average native ad CTR of 1.15% up to 7%
  • Quick and hassle-free setup process


  • Many product-based marketing partners
  • Lesser known brand/company
  • Inability to manually filter inappropriate ads

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Payment Fee Adnow

The payment fee is also pretty much the calculation of $ 100, you lose $ 5 to $ 2 …

Paypal: 4.5%

Wire: 0%

Webmoney: 2%

Payoneer: 5%

Registration Guide Adnow

Step 1: Go here Sign Up Now

Step 2: At home, you look up at the top right of the screen, click the SIGN UP button


Step 3: record sufficient information in the table below:

Step 4: You log on to the email you have registered, email authentication to register! Adnow send you 1 link and you just click on the link that is finished.

the registration is complete, we log on to the website and register Adnow to run ads.

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Registration sites to run ad

Step 1: Add a site, click on the Add Site

Step 2: Next, write information to your site almost like pictures

Step 3: Back to home, you notice your site Adnow awaiting review. if accepted, you will receive an email notification approved Website.

And now, you can go to administration and click the widget, then add the widget ads Adnow to the site.

Note: The item you click on the site name or site name WIDGET button on the menu bar next selection Add widget will appear as follows:

Note: In Section 1, you should note there are 3 types of advertising adnow display are:

  1. Show ads with erotic image)
  2. Show ads with shocking images
  3. Show animated ads

Step 4: Select the ad preview above HTML code, and then copy the entire code as shown below.

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Some pictures on Adnow


wish you to make a lot of money


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